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The United States Society for Education Through the Arts (USSEA) commits to actively lead and support multicultural and cross cultural initiatives that foster teamwork, collaboration, and communication among diverse constituencies in order to achieve greater understanding of the social and cultural aspects of the arts and visual culture in education.

USSEA was founded in 1977 as an affiliate of the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) and the National Art Education Association (NAEA). It is a national association representing persons working in curriculum development, teaching, and research related to art education and cultural knowledge. USSEA is a society of art educators who share interests in multicultural and cross-cultural concerns in art education with others nationally and internationally to promote greater understanding and respect for learners from all backgrounds through research, art curricula, instruction, and practices that are inclusive and sensitive.

USSEA encourages information sharing and distribution by arranging meetings and sponsoring multicultural and cross-cultural programs at the annual NAEA conference, organizing symposia and conferences within the United States, and supporting projects, research, and publications that are in accordance with the mission of the society. Through the USSEA website, members may access up-to date news and information about USSEA’s initiatives, programs, and opportunities.

Recently, the United States Society for Education Through the Arts (USSEA) conference was held in July  17-19, 2015 at the Queens Museum with theme of inclusive art education. Click here to read a conference news.

USSEA publishes the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education and provides open access to the journal. The Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education’s 30th issue, which marks the first fully online and open-access edition of the journal, continues its rich heritage of exploring diversity and social justice in learning about and teaching art. Please visit the jCRAE website at www.jcrae.org for more information, or contact co-Senior Editors Karen Hutzel at hutzel.4@osu.edu or Ryan Shin at shin@email.arizona.edu.



  1. Mary Stokrocki says:

    Wow! didn’t know all these photos were up! Great coverage. Keep up the good work. I particularly like the images from 2011 Insea Conference in Budapest. Add images of the place as well.


  2. Christine Ballengee Morris says:

    I really liked all the photos and think that a call should be made to members regarding past photos of the the award winners. There are photos out there and they should be posted too. This website is fantastic.

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