Voices, designed by Sharon D. La Pierre and Christine Ballengee Morris, is a forum to explore issues in theory and practice. It encourages dialogue, stories, and lesson plans that deal with multicultural, cross-cultural, and cultural pluralism in regard to curriculum and practical application issues. The goal is to provide information and materials for and by teachers on these topics. Back issues include the following contributions 1) Mary Sheridan, an elementary art teacher, and Barbara Zollinger Sweney, an art consultant, share their process of creating and implementing an elementary, community driven curricula; 2) Mary Stokrocki, Arizona State University, presents an example of intercultural education; 3) Pamela Taylor, Virginia Commonwealth University, addresses her growth as a high school teacher and implementation of thematic cultural units of instruction; and 4) B. Stephen Carpenter II, Penn State University, presents a narrative case-study of a professional development course that was designed and implemented for teachers to explore cultural diversity issues. Addresses of the authors are provided so that readers can respond to their articles.

Stories, ideas, and concepts that emphasize teacher-driven issues and concerns are welcome in the form of lesson plans or written dialogue. The context and form will be determined by the needs of the readers as they respond.

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Voices/Newsletter Editor Nancy Lampert

Virginia Commonwealth University, P.O. Box 843084, Richmond, VA 23284  804 828-3772, nalamper@vcu.edu

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